April Meetup 

Date: 17.04.2017

Topic 1: Upgrading our on-premises SharePoint development skills to Office 365 

This session is specially designed for persons who used to work with the on-premise SharePoint versions and today need to start with SharePoint Online.
The lack of server side code and the "modern experience" interface change dramatically the SharePoint Online development roadmap. New development models are intriduced while the "traditional" ones are slowly replaced .
The sessions will be around discussing three specific questions and providing statements based on a real world experience:
  • Which on-premises development models still work in SharePoint Online?
  • Which new development models SharePoint Online introduces?
  • How to constantly update our SharePoint knowledge?

Speaker: Dimcho Tsanov
Language: Bulgarian
Duration: 30 min

Presentation: slides

Topic 2: Working with external data in Modern SharePoint sites

When building SharePoint sites, we often need to work with data external to SharePoint. In most organizations, data is scattered across on-premises data centers and the cloud: SQL Server, Oracle, Azure SQL, custom web services, Excel files etc.

In this session, we will explore the available options for consuming data sources like these in SharePoint in a secure way. First, we will go through the different power-user approaches to do that without writing code. Then, we will show examples with SharePoint Framework where a custom JavaScript-based SPFX web part connects with external data securely. 

The focus will be SharePoint Online modern experience, but most of the concepts will apply to SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online classic experience as well.

Speaker: Jivko Petiov
Language: Bulgarian
Duration: 30 min


Dimcho is a freelancer. He has been working with SharePoint ever since 2009 and has specialized in delivering SharePoint projects.
From the beginning of 2018 he is trying to move from software consulting to software product development by implementing Office 365 add-ins.

Jivko is the CTO of Abilitics. He manages a small team and works on big projects. One of his latest projects was a large scale SharePoint Online deployment in 28 countries with 30000+ users. He is a frequent speaker on technology events where he talks about Office 365, .NET, JavaScript, Angular JS, Xamarin. In his free time, Jivko plays the piano and builds his body and mind.


Microsoft Bulgaria Office: Sofia 1407, bul Nikola Vaptsarov, 55, Building 3, flor 7

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