Angular vs React: Building modern SharePoint interface

Speakers: Radi Atanassov & Dimcho Tsanov

Date: 06.06.2017

The hottest topic nowadays is the SharePoint Framework.

This new programming model introduces platform independent ways for client-side SharePoint development with modern technologies. Through this change many architectural questions are raised in everyday projects:

  • Which framework should we use - AngularJS, React, jQuery?
  • How do we retrieve data in the best possible way - can we still use the JavaScript object model (JSOM) or do we need to move to REST queries?
  • How should we structure our project and what automation should we consider?
  • What's in it for us in Office Fabric UI?
  • How do we debug our code during development and after release?
  • What is available in the classical pages to help us transition?

In this session we will share our real-life project experience with SharePoint Framework. We'll compare also the two frameworks (Angular and React) and discuss the pros and cons of each of them.

Language:  Bulgarian

Speakers: Radi Atanassov and Dimcho Tsanov

Radi Atanassov is a professional SharePoint architect with over 10 years of commercial SharePoint experience. Radi is a SharePoint MVP, a Microsoft Certified (S) Master in SharePoint and the founder of OneBit Software, a SharePoint consulting company who sold to Progress (who also bought Telerik). Radi is now working as Senior Director of Professional Services at Progress, and is a member of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Core team at Microsoft. In his spare time he blogs (, writes articles, commits to GitHub, plays guitar and presents at SharePoint conferences worldwide.

Dimcho Tsanov is a SharePoint consultant. He has been working with the platform ever since 2009 and has specialized in delivering SharePoint projects. As a freelancer, his daily activities are spread between various tasks, the most exciting of which are - learning and demonstrating new features, building proof of concepts. Dimcho has also written the book - To Be A Millionaire.

Location: Microsoft Bulgaria Office

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