Fantastic beasts of SharePoint Online and how to tame them

Speaker: Jivko Petiov

Date: 20.03.2017

SharePoint Online is a fast growing cloud platform with exciting future ahead. However, if you compare SharePoint Online to its on-premises counterpart, at first glance you may see a lot of challenges:
• Limited development story - no farm solutions, no reusable web parts, inconvenient development tools
• Difficult to troubleshoot - no access to server, no ULS/IIS/search logs, limited search configuration
• Infrastructure limitations - no backup/restore, no management tools, cannot increase threshold limits
• Suboptimal performance
• Limited reporting and usage analytics
There is a way to work around all of these challenges. In this session I will go through them and present my solutions. Be prepared for lots of demos and examples from my experience working on actual projects. I will also examine the just released SharePoint Framework and share with you my view on how this thing fits into the SharePoint development story. In the end, you will walk out of this session with a sense that even the most complex software solutions can be done efficiently and reliably in SharePoint Online.
The topics covered span both development and IT infrastructure, so there will be a take away for SharePoint developers, architects and IT Pros.

Speaker: Jivko Petiov
Jivko leads the SharePoint force at Abilitics and is responsible for the technology strategy, architectures and code reviews in the team. With 12+ years of hacking .NET and 7+ years of fixing the gaps in SharePoint, Jivko has mastered both the rapid development approach and the high quality enterprise development one. His expertise spans multiple technologies and platforms: .NET, JS, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, AWS, iOS, Xamarin. Recently, he has been involved in large scale SharePoint Online deployments in 28 countries with 30000 users.
When Jivko is not doing technology he can be seen playing the piano and building his body and mind.

Language: English

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